I was born in 1982. Japan in the first half of the 1980s was about to enter the bubble era when high economic growth was accelerating. The Japanese economy was about to reach its highest level. Redevelopment of big cities has become active, and a mass consumption boom has occurred not only for businesses and wealthy people but also for the general public. Meanwhile, I was born as the eldest son of a kimono shop. My mother, who was in the teaching profession, retired when I was born and started working with her father at a kimono shop. From the child's point of view, the business seemed to be going well, and I think the kimono shop was always busy. Whenever I took delivery at lunch in the store, there were a lot of gorgeous things on the table. The TV programs I was watching around this time had a large number of sponsors, and various planned programs were broadcast in a flashy manner. I remember seeing many success stories in trendy dramas, such as the love stories of young office workers working in big cities, and entering a good university and working for a good company. As a child, I felt the atmosphere of an era like the glittering summer sun during the bubble era. I love drawing, and when I was drawing at the store, the customers praised me so much that I was in good shape. He was a kid who loved drawing, making dinosaurs with viscosity, and making things. When I think about it now, I think I was able to have a child in a really happy time. From the mid-1980s, Japan entered the height of the bubble era. Meanwhile, the Chernobyl nuclear accident is in the memory projected on the cathode ray tube. It was said that radioactive rain would pour into Japan as well. In the glittering society of that time, I felt a strong fear even if it was an event in a distant foreign country. Perhaps because of that, my mother took me and her sister to anti-nuclear protests and rallies several times after that. And mothers have come to take us brothers to the communities of self-sufficient groups.

I think it was around this time that the table was lined with organic vegetables and no chemical seasonings. We brothers did not go to such a place by their own will, so I think they were confused at first. As a kid, I was wondering that there was an unrealistic community in the corner of a glittering society, and I think there was some kind of fear. I think that the experience at that time had a considerable influence on my way of thinking after that. I think it was around this time that I first became aware of my inner and outer sides. I was wondering where the smallest unit of society is the family, and where the boundaries between parents and myself, and between my sister and myself are drawn, and where the frame of myself is completed. Japan has become very prosperous and has become the world's second largest economy. A famous comedian performed flashy in the variety show. I didn't think that some kind of special place was a compliment to the community of self-sufficient groups and anti-nuclear protesters. And at the end of the Showa era, the Berlin Wall, which is a symbol of the Cold War, collapsed in Germany and East Germany disappeared. The Cold War has come to an end. And in 1990, the first war I saw over a cathode ray tube was the Gulf War. The blue light of the Scud missile drew a line in the night sky. I remember watching this news with my parents. The intervention in the Middle East of the United States is in full swing, and we will enter the world centered on the United States. The place I am here is full of things, but something sad is happening over the sea. I thought we were blessed like that.

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